Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Room Tour

Welcome to our family room:

Our family room from the breakfast nook.

And this is the view from the entry way.

Our amazing couch.  I LOVE this thing!  We bought it off Craigslist years ago when we lived in the duplex.  Michael would always lay on the couch and I had no where to sit so we got a longer couch (with a chaise so we both could lay).

There is the entryway again.  Notice the adorable dog?  That is Chance.  He is such a great dog!

Our picture wall.  Yes, I know some of the pictures are sideways - but I am slowly (really, really slowly) replacing them.  I reused frames from high school (hence the sideways FFA officer pictures) and painted them all black to make them all work together. 

View from my spot on the couch.  Michael made the entertainment center in high school woodshop.

The other view from the couch.  The love seat is across from the couch.

Our beautiful fireplace.  LOVE the bricks!

On the mantel is my grandpa's flag.  My dad's dad was a principal and he saved all of the flags when they replaced them (when Hawaii and Alaska became states and every few years when they wore out).  After he died my aunt got me that figure holding the flag. 

A flag star that Michael picked out from (of all places) Safeway.

A candle holder and a framed picture of baby Heman.

A few pictures I took and framed.  The top picture is Michael and Tyler with 'the girls' (the Tyler's cows) and the bottom picture is Michael walking along the bank of the river when we were fishing.

Our new sliding glass door - it looks out onto the backyard.

The kitchen connects to the family room.

And then there is our wall behind the couch.  I never really look at this wall - it is behind me most of the time but my goodness it is boring with nothing on it.  I would love to put up a few big pictures . . . I don't know.  I would love to hear some ideas for that big blank wall!

So, that's it - the family room! 

What are your ideas for the wall behind the couch?  What is your favorite part of your family room?


Crystal Cattle said...

Love all your photos. I definitely want to do that in my next home.

Tales from the Ranch said...

I love all the wall space that you have. I have a big living room, but since the walls are rough adobe with small windows set in them there is hardly any wall space. Not to mention that adobe is not a friendly surface to hang things from.