Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dining Room and Bar

I have been wanting to give a virtual house tour since I started this blog - it is after all about my home and agriculture.  So, we will start at the front of the house and work our way back. 

I present to you the dining room and bar
(aka dining room and living room)

Dining room and bar

We are not formal people so we didn't want a formal living room but I do like to have people over for dinner and wanted to have a room to host Thanksgiving and other holiday meals, so the dining room was a must.

Entry way

our awesome blue floral tile

Draft horse shoe above the front door.  My parents owned a horseshoeing supply company when we were kids and this is left from the business.  I LOVE it!  This was the first thing I put up when we moved in.

Dining room table.  It was my grandma's and I painted it black to better fit my style.  I don't love the table but I love her so it stays.

I still need to recover the fabric - someday.

A hurricane-ish style glass in the middle of the table.  Michael's sister got it for me for Christmas one year and I LOVE it!  It has black sand from a beach I went to when I was a kid near our family cabin.  I kept the sand of many many years and now it finally has a home!

This hutch goes with the table and I have yet to paint it.  It is not really my style but I would feel bad getting rid of it since it was grandma's.

A plate I fell in love with when I worked at Ross.  I finally got a plate stand for it earlier this year. 

My dollar Pottery Barn candle holder. 

Glasses and cake stands and pitchers - oh my!

More glasses and grandma's bowl.

The end chairs for the dining room table.

The bar. 

Michael's cousin built this bar - as you can see he is very talented.  They moved and couldn't fit the bar in their new house so we bought it.  I wasn't too happy with having a bar at our house but now it has grown on me and I actually like it. 

It also serves as storage for over sized items (like my kitchenaid and my water bath canner).

The duck lamp - Michael made this in high school wood shop.  Pretty nice, isn't it?

We even have a TV mounted on the wall (but, it is not plugged in) like a real bar!

Michael searched everywhere for stools that we both liked and were not super expensive.  We found these at RC Willey and they are beautiful and comfortable.

Since the bar area is supposed to be the dining room we switched out the chandelier for a rustic looking light.  

So, there you have it - our dining room and bar!  There are many projects I want to complete in this room but for now it is great!


Crystal Cattle said...

What a great bar. I would love to have a big open space for entertaining.

Katie @Pinke Post said...

LOVE this tour. The bar is fantastic! Your grandma's table is also a great piece. The sunflower plate and so much more. Keep up the tours.