Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meal Planning

I am a planner.  Almost every weekend I sit down with my calendar and plan what we will have for dinner each night.  I do this because I was tired of asking Michael what he wanted for dinner and getting the same reply every time; I don't care.  Then I would say ok, how about ___?  No, not that.  Then, how about ___?This would go on a few times and I would wait a while until I was really hungry and we would end up eat something unhealthy that I may or may not have had to make a trip to the store for.  So, I decided to plan it all out on the weekend, get everything we needed and be set for the week.  One less thing to worry about when we both get home exhausted from work!
I write on a calendar what we plan to have for dinner on each night. 

Make the grocery list to go with the recipes.

Get out the coupons I need and go to the store. 

The idea of scheduling what we have for dinner each night may sound a little crazy to you but I love it because I don't have to think about it after work.  Michael doesn't complain about what is for dinner and we eat a healthy meal each night.  I also don't have to go to the store in the evening to pick stuff up for dinner.  If we really don't feel like having mac and cheese on Thursday then we don't have to - we can switch it with another night or go with something different we have in the freezer.  But, usually we stick with the plan and I LOVE it!!

How do you plan weeknight meals?


Crystal Cattle said...

I wish I was a little better at this. I am usually trying to meal plan in my head at the grocery store!

Anna said...

So organized, I love it! I'm not quite this advanced in my meal planning but I do try to do a little pre-gaming so I'm prepared for the week--I too hate hitting up the store after work, it's so busy and tiring! I also tend to just keep a lot of stuff on hand so I have meal options I can easily whip up. I typically have my salad prepared and in a tupperware (I wash my hearts of romaine, dry it and chop it and then cover w/ red cabbage green onions and carrots and then just top with tomatoes and cukes when it's time to eat it!) all ready to use so that is always an easy/healthy/quick side option!

Viktoria with a K said...

I'm a planner, too! I actually have a refrigerator magnet for daily meals that also has a spot for lunches and breakfasts! My husband doesn't typically care what we eat, so I plan it all. I love knowing during the work week what I'm going to eat without having to think about it.