Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy and Healthy Lunch

I bring my lunch to work every day (I have to - they is no time to go somewhere and get lunch) and I need something that is simple to make, healthy, and inexpensive.  So, a salad it is!  I try make lunch for the boyfriend and myself
I wash the lettuce (I am a lettuce snob and only use red leaf), tear it then spin it dry.

I only have 4 containers (and 3 lids but that is a story for another time) so I always make salads 4 at a time.  This will last us 2 days so I only have t make lunches 3 times a week - which is great!  Someday I will buy more containers and only make lunch on Sundays.

I add the toppings - always cheese and carrots but sometimes I have other things like cucumbers and mushrooms.  Anything works on a salad as long as it will last a few days in the fridge.

If I use anything juicy I put it in a small bag and put it in the container with everything else.  I also like to add a hard boiled egg or meat we had left over for some protein (I put those in bags too).

I then get the dry toppings together.  We always have bacon bits (the boyfriend only likes the fake bacon on his salad), sunflower seeds, and raisins.  Sometimes we have dried soybeans.  I put them in the small blue container and put that in the container with the salad.

Then I put our dressing in another container - we use ranch.  I like to have a bottle at work (with my name written ALL over it) so when that happens I can skip this step.

I just place them in the fridge and it takes us less than a minute to grab then on our way out the door in the morning. 

What do you take to work for a quick healthy lunch?

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Viktoria with a K said...

I love that we think alike!

I take the same thing every single day, so I have the packing down to a science:

-half a pita with turkey, cheese, and lettuce.
-celery sticks (I slice all of them on Sunday nights) with laughing cow cheese
-fresh fruit (this week it's cantaloupe because it's cheap and in season. I also cut it up on Sundays)
-something crunchy--gold fish, chex mix, etc.

Cutting things up on Sundays keeps it quick during the week!