Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers!!  I am not a mom (unless you count the fur babies), but I do have the best mom ever!

Every Mother's Day from when I was little to when I was in high school was spend taking us home from county fair.  Mom always had to help us pack all our stuff and our animals up and drive us home - this usually took a few trips and all day.  To top it all off she always got something from the fair for Mother's Day from us.  A key chain, some lotion, or some other cheesy thing.  So, for this Mother's Day - I dug up some picture of her:
Only my mom can make this ugly dress look good!

The family - when I was a baby - the little brother was not born yet.

My mom crawling from under the house.  This was normal at our house.

I know you can't really see us, but this was our biking trip in San Fransisco last summer.

My mom has never been a girly-girl.  She was never one to put on make-up or wear heels.  The only dress she owned when I was a kid was her wedding dress.  But, I learned far more valuable lessons than how to put on lipstick or how to paint my nails. 

My mom taught me to be polite.  She taught me to say please and thank you and how to address a friend's parents (Mr. ___ and Mrs. ___).  She taught me to ask how people are and care what they said.  She taught me to sit up straight and chew with my mouth closed.  She taught me to 'kill them with kindness.'

My mom taught me how to work hard.  She made us help out around the house and clean up the dishes when we were invited to someone's house for dinner.  We had to take care of the animals before and after school.  We had to clean our own rooms and do our own laundry.  

My mom taught me how to be strong (I am still learning this one).  She taught me how to stand up for myself and defended me when needed.

My mom taught me how to hang with the guys.  She taught me that I don't need a man to do things for me (but to never turn them down if they offer let them do it once in a while).  She taught me to use power tools.  She taught me how to change water lines - even if they break at the worst possible time.  She taught me how to drive a stick and forced me to get a stick as my first car so I would never forget. She taught me how to change wiring and how to read a multi meter.   

My mom taught me how to be a lady.  She taught me how to make the best apple pie.  She taught me how to sew.  She showed me that I don't need make-up or fancy clothes to be beautiful. 

My mom taught me how to manage money.  She raised three kids (and a husband) and made what little we had seem like more than enough.  She taught me that saving money "just in case" is important.  She taught me to leave extra for "mad money."  She taught me that there is only one reason to get a loan- and that is for a house.  She taught me that used is just as good as new in most cases. 

My mom is always there for me.  She was there to take us home from the fair every year (and still supported us in 4-H even though she missed out on Mother's Day every year).  She helped fix the wiring problem in our house - the doorbell didn't work and we figured out why and fixed it (when I say helped I mean she did it and I watched).  She helps me in the classroom when I need it.  She supports me no matter what I choose to do. 
These are just a few of the many lesson my mom taught me in the last 25 year . . . she made me a very well rounded woman.  Thank you ma and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Katie said...

What a fabulous tribute. Happy Mother's Day!

Jent said...

Your Mom sounds great - and what a great daughter you are!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! You are a wonderful dauhter who has taught me alot also. p.s. that dress was NOT that ugly.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Being a mother myself, this would be the tribute I hope to hear from my own children someday. Lovely.

The Durrer Family said...

So very sweet! It's often hard to realize how much we are learning from our parents, until we're grown ourselves. Our little ones have helped me realize even more just how hard she worked.
Thank you for your sweet comments, we're nearly Neighbors! :)