Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simple Country Baby Shower

Since my sister told me that she was pregnant I began planning her shower . . . what can I say - I am a planner!  I wanted it to be simple and very much her.  I began a folder saving all of the ideas I saw for her but there were not many ideas for a gender neutral no-fuss country shower.  Lucky for me two of her amazing friends helped pretty much did all of the work using my 'simple country' theme.  They were amazing and the shower would not have been the same without them!  Thanks Regina and Sarah - you two are wonderful!!

Here is how it turned out:

It took place in the back yard of one of the girls.  Her backyard is BEAUTIFUL - it was the perfect setting. 

The Tables were set with brown table clothes, brown gigham squares in the middle and a mason jar tied with ribbon and filled with assorted flowers.  A pot was painted brown and filled with pens and fabric pens (puff paint) and placed near various sized onsies rolled and tied with jute. 

The food set-up. Notice the adorable banner around the umbrella.

The garbage can is cleverly hidden behind these country acessories.

Rolls and chicken salad, potato salad, cesar salad, and deviled eggs.

The drinks (water and iced tea) on ice in a galvanized bucket.

Boots with flowers flanked the bucket.  I LOVE the look of this!

The rest of the food; tortelini salad, veggie tray, frog eye salad, fruit kabobs (how amazing do they look in that pineapple!), and asian noodle salad (have no idea what it is really called). 

The dessert table.  Pies!!  Apple pie, cherry pie, lemon merange pie, and peach/black berry pie!  Cheese cake topped with cherries and mini cupcakes thrown in for the non-pie eaters. 

A few pitchers with flowers from the Farmers Market decorated the house. 

My sister - isn't she radiant?  She looks so happy!!

Once the guests arrived they began the first game . . .

decorating onsies!

Then they hung it on the clothes line to dry.

And enjoyed lunch.

By enjoyed lunch I mean had the best lunch of their life!  The food was AMAZING!!  It was all made by my sister's friend, Sarah - she is a fantastic cook!

Once we were done eating, preggers got to pick her favorite onsie . . . she chose the one on the end (it has her brand on it).  There were some pretty amazing onsies:

Only Regina (the host) could whip up this masterpiece.

My favorite onsie - California Grown!  So cute with the pear!

Bee happy - super cute!

Then it was time to open the gifts.  While she was opening gifts we set a timer and when it went off the giver of the gift she was opening was the winner! 

A friend of hers made this adorable diaper cake!

After the gifts we mingled and sent them home with the best favor EVER:

pies in a mason jar!  LOVE these!  This is the one thing I can take credit for (not full credit, I saw it here first) and I am so happy with them!

I may be a little biased but I am pretty sure it was the best baby shower ever!  It was very simple and low - key.  There were no stupid baby shower games (sorry if you like the lick the poopy diaper kind of games), they were all awesome and everyone enjoyed them (at least nobody complained)!  The food was amazing!  The desserts were a hit and so were the favors.

What do you think? 


Viktoria with a K said...

Love the decorations :)

I really love the onesies idea!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the decorating the onesies! What a great idea and such a great keepsake! :) I may have to steal that one!!

Sarah said...

Steal away wagfarms! It was my favorite game - the onsies we so unique and my sister will get some great use out of them!

crystal.cattle said...

Awesome ideas! I love the little outfits you made, and I am going to have to try those pies out. Very creative!

Keri said...

I think Martha Stewart would be proud! Cute decorating and gift ideas. Great blog too! I look forward to getting more ideas.

benilhalk said...

You have arranged amazing baby shower party and loved watching these photographs. Well I am looking ideas on wedding party and hope you can suggest me something as I am getting married at New York venues by next month.