Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

This spring has been incredibly busy! I say that every year but I guess we keep piling on more projects.

This year we are growing:
Beef cows
Sweet Corn
And our personal garden too.

In May we were busy as volunteers at our local fair. This is probably my favorite volunteer project! 

The drought is a very critical issue for us still. We are in a location with the best above ground storage water practically in the state but we still battle drought. With low soil moisture, the ground was sure thirsty when irrigation began. The lingering drought is the reason why we chose to grow Sudan this year. It is a lower value crop but very drought tolerant.

We will not be coming back to the farmers market selling beef. We are considering pumpkins. We decided that the costs of attending the market was too heavy on our family for the return. Instead we are enjoying more Saturdays as a family.

We do still have a very limited quantity of beef that we are selling to our existing customers. We are currently fully sold for this year.

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