Saturday, June 13, 2015

Can't we all just get along?

Why is it that defamation seems to be acceptable when advertising food? It is the only industry that I can think of where it is acceptable to say 'buy my product because yours is bad' instead of 'buy my product because it is the best.' I don't know when this started but I sure wish it would stop.

When VW advertises the saftey of their vehicles, they just tell us how great theirs is. They never say 'buy a VW because a x brand will kill you.' It seems to me there would be a lawsuit and I would imagine consumers wouldn't stand for it. 

So why is it that consumers are ok with this in food? I saw a website today that was promoting raw milk as one of their products. Note that I don't personally drink raw milk but I'm all about people having options. But raw milk is a high risk product. People can die or become very ill. 

But my issue was in the fact that they called other farming practices harmful. Ironic since their concerns are with hormones, GMOs and RoundUp. None of which are connected to consumer deaths and are widely accepted as safe and highly tested and regulated. 

Why is is they have to add fear into order to sell? Your products should sell on their merits. If you have to scare someone into buying your product, you must not have a great product to begin with. 

I'm am all about people having options. If you want organic, buy it or grow it. If you don't believe the over 1000 scientific studies about GMO saftey, that is your right and you are welcome to buy the many products that don't contain them

We still sell our natural beef. And we spell out what that means. In our case no added hormones and no antibiotics. Our steers eat grass and corn because it is a system that works for us. When most people ask why our beef tastes so amazing, I can honestly tell them it is because of the dry aging process. But you will never, ever hear me try to sell you my beef (or any other product) by bashing they way someone else grows their product. 

If we could all do this, I think agriculture would be better off.

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