Monday, April 15, 2013

Spice Cabinet Organization

Our spice cabinet was a mess - full and cluttered. 
One day I decided to clean in up and organize it.  I took everything out:
And realized I need something to hold all the spices I buy in bulk.  I thought it would clear up some space the containers could go on under the 2nd shelf instead of on the first shelf. 
So, I had my friend's amazing hubby cute me some scrap metal to the right size. 

Put it in.
 And put the shelf on top. 
 I picked these magnetic spice tins up at Cost Plus World Market.  
They are 5 for $9.95 online or $1.99 a piece in the store (which is the exact same price). 

 The lid is clear which is perfect to the see pretty spices!

I bought a bigger version from Ikea a while back for office supplies and I love them.  So, if you want a larger size (wider but shallower) - go with the Ikea version.  

 I filled the tins with spices and labeled them.  Temporary not so pretty label, but it works!  Now I don't have a bunch of bags and clutter in this cabinet and I can find what I need. 

 So neat and organized now!

Another idea would be to glue magnets on the bottom of spice jars.  Or the top, you choose.  Same idea, but would be perfect if you have containers for your spices already. 

You could also use the tins on the side of your microwave or fridge - would make a nice display if you have a variety of spices.

That is how I organized my spice cabinet in just an afternoon.  Looks so much better!  What do you think?

How do you tackle the clutter in your kitchen cabinets?


Leslie said...

I love this idea. I just might have to steal it. There's so much wasted space in my spice cabinet. How strong are the magnets? Could you put a sheet of metal on the cabinet door?

Nicole said...

Oh gosh, love this!

Jensamom23 said...

What a terrific idea!

K Quinn said...

Ooohh! That is so innovative! My spices are all over the place. I might have to copy this. You know the sincerest form of flattery.