Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flat Aggie Visits the Hays Family Farm in Arkansas

Hi! We are the Hays Family. Garrett is 12, Emmi is 10, and Ty is 8. We are so glad we get to 
help Flat Aggie learn about agriculture! Our farm is in Springtown, Arkansas. We have a population of 114 people in Springtown. We go to school in Gentry, a town really close to us with a 
little over 3000 people. We raise cattle as well as crops on our farm. We have taken Flat Aggie 
around to see some of our farm. Hope you enjoy our pictures!

Flat Aggie helped us feed hay to the cattle . We feed hay using a truck with a special bed on the back 
called a hay bed. It has arms that pick up the hay and hold it on the truck until we get where we need to 
feed it. The arms then pick the hay up and lower it to the ground.

 We roll the hay out so that more cows have room to eat at one time.

 Ty is showing Flat Aggie some of the new baby calves. 

 Flat Aggie is helping Emmi feed her horse, Lady.  Lady is a barrel horse. Emmi and Lady compete in barrel Races. Emmi feeds Lady grain 2 times every day. She also feeds Lady hay. Lady gets new shoes every 6 weeks. The person who puts Lady’s new shoes on her is called a Farrier.

 Garrett, Emmi and Ty are showing Flat Aggie one of our tractors. We use this tractor to 
work ground. That means, we get the ground ready to plant our crops. The crops that we 
plant on our farm are, Green beans, soy beans, corn and wheat.

Flat Aggie is standing with Garrett, Emmi and Ty in front of one of our grain bins. After some of our crops are picked they will get stored in one of these until we sell them. Sometimes, the grain is taken in a big truck to the port where it will be put on a barge and hauled down the river. Some of the crops we raise will be used to make feed for animals to eat. Our green beans are sold to a company who puts it in cans. It then goes to the grocery store for you to buy and eat. 

What a fantastic adventure!!  Thanks Hays Family!

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