Monday, February 4, 2013

The Year of the Farmer

I am not a huge football fan - but, I was rooting for the 49ers is yesterday's game.  I do however love the commercials.  This year, I wasn't very impressed - until this commercial came on.  I've heard the words before but together with the photographs and Dodge so proudly supporting farmers - this was by far the best commercial of the Super Bowl.  Check it out here to help raise money for FFA and to assist in local hunger and education.  Don't forget to share a badge on facebook and tell your friends to watch and share to raise money for FFA!!  See what I learned from my years in 4-H and FFA here
Proud to have a Dodge truck sitting in the driveway right now!
What was your favorite commercial?


The Coolidges said...

Loved it, by far the best one of the whole game!

Nicole said...

Totally agree about this commercial!

Michelle said...

This was my favorite. I posted it to my FB account. Truly the best out of them all.

Jensamom23 said...

This was my favorte. Blogged about it today.