Friday, February 1, 2013

Flat Aggie Goes Inside a Chicken House

  Hello! So sorry it has been a few weeks since you have heard from me.  I arrived at Ozark Acres Farm, home of the Griffin’s, just as an unfortunate accident happened with Grandma Griffin.  She is on her way to recovery! 

Julie Griffin, my eleven year old friend took me to the chicken house on their 330 acre farm in Northwest Arkansas.  Julie is a 6th grader at a middle school. 
On Julie’s farm, they have eight, 350 foot long poultry houses. They grow pullets for a major poultry breeder company, Cobb which is headquartered in Siloam Springs, Ar.
Julie shared with me that the chickens are 1 week old and they will stay on her farm until they are 21 weeks old.  They eat out of the feed track you see beside Julie.       You may notice a water line that hangs from the ceiling have a few chickens drinking from it.

Julie let me play in the chicken feed.  Chickens eat at ration of mostly ground up corn.  Julie likes to let it run through her fingers.
Look for me to report again soon.
Flat Aggie
Thank you Julie for showing Flat Aggie around your farm and letting him inside the chicken houses! 

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