Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - evaluation attire

 Today is my evaluation/observation so I wanted to show a few looks that would be perfect to wear for an evaluation!  Thanks to being in 4-H and FFA I am comfortable in front of an audience, but I still believe in dressing the part.  Here are 5ish looks that would be great for an observation.  Red is a power color, so the first look is a red dress. 

 Pair it with a belt and heels and you have got a great outfit that will show you are confident. 

 Or add a blazer for some coverage and to polish your look off.  Nude heels make your legs look miles long yet are still very professional. 

 Wear what you feel comfortable in - no, I am not talking about your pajama pants - I mean confident and comfortable.  I feel confident in a pencil skirt.  Pair a pencil skirt with a patterned shirt, some red heels, and a belt and you have another professional look.  Switch the wide belt for a colored skinny belt and you have another great look!

 You don't have to wear a skirt or a dress to be professional.  I love this pair of slim cropped slacks from Gap (I bought them at the thrift store)!  When paired with a vibrant top, fun heels, and a boyfriend blazer you have a fun look that is still professional. 

 Another power color is purple.  This purple dress and a pair of nude (and amazingly comfortable) heels is a go-to look for me.  My posture and farmer's tan is not so hot, but we are talking clothes here.

 Add a blazer and the look is a little more polished. 

 A suit would be a perfect choice for an evaluation but maybe you think a suit would be too stuffy.  Mix and match two different suit pieces (or slacks and a blazer) and you have a great look!  Red shoes and a striped top make your suit look fun but are still very professional. 

You could also leave the blazer unbuttoned!

I think the key to figuring out what to wear for an evaluation is to find something you feel comfortable AND confident in.  If you feel self concise in a dress but wear one anyway it will show.  If you feel confident in a suit but are uncomfortable and consistently adjusting it - that will show too. 

I still have no idea what I will be wearing today - probably the purple dress with a cardigan.

I have been toying with the idea of adding a weekly "what I wore" type feature.  I miss style blogging and I wanted to try to incorporate it here.  PLEASE let me know what you think about this - I really value your feedback!

What would you wear to an evaluation / observation?


Nicole said...

personally I'm liking the pencil skirt or the red dress with the black heels looks :)

The Coolidges said...

love that tan blazer & the red dress! super cuteness!

Taylor said...

My favorite looks are #3 & #4. I love the way a blazer / skinny crop pants / heels look together. Modern yet appropriately professional and put together.

LindaG said...

I like the pencil skirt best. :o)

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies! Taylor - I LOVE the skinny crop pants!! So sleek yet very professional and can be paired with anything!

I ended up wearing the purple dress with a black cardigan and nude heels.

Kim Ricketts said...

Sarah!!! I love this! I am horrible at fashion and would wear the same thing everyday if I could. Your purple dress was perfect! I loved all the looks! Do you have any fashion blog suggestions for "plus size" (my size) gals?


teresa said...

Love the outfits! Especially the red dress and shoes!

Keri said...

You have great style. You seem most confident in dresses, I envy that. I look forward to seeing more.

heidi said...

i love all these looks - that purple dress is especially fantastic, and i love the added blazer for coverage and structure. lovely!

Viktoria said...

You look great!! I love the outfits!! Especially the second one with the fitted skirt and red heels. Gorgeous!! :)

fashion1 said...

OMG. I am in love with all those outfits. The pencil skirts look so amazing on you and the high heels bring the outfit together perfectly. Where did you get somse of those heels? I might want to get some pairs.

Please start posting more wardrobe pics daily because you look fantastic and i wouldn't mind seeing how more outfits look on you. Perfect for observation and perfect for teaching in with all those outfits.

fashion1 said...

I forgot to say above that the outfit with the pencil skirt and red heels is my favorite. You have one hell of a body. I"m sooo jealous of you!!!!!

That pencil skirt shows off your amazing body and hugs it perfectly. You sure know how to fit pieces perfectly on you. I wish it was the same with me.

Sarah said...

You are all so kind!!

The red heels are Circa Joan and David (luxe) and have a memory foam type padding on the foot bed - they are super comfortable! But, I have another pair of Circa Joan and David (not luxe) and they are not comfortable!

The nude heels are Aerosoles - super comfortable!! I LOVE them!

The black heels are not comfortable AT ALL - I am pretty sure they are made by hush puppies, I bought them online and wish I could return them. I still on the search for a great and comfortable pair of black heels.

The leopard heels are from Ross (I don't know the brand name) and are fairly comfortable - probably couldn't teach in them all day but they would be great for a night out.