Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Beach ...

 Today is the first day back (for the staff) after Spring Break.  I had a relaxing break and I am looking forward to seeing the kids tomorrow - I do miss them while we are on break.  But, instead of being at work today, I wish I was at the beach ...

 I could have my feet in the sand.  
(This was Pismo Beach in April 2011)

 I could be people watching from a pier.
(This was the same trip to Pismo Beach.)

 Even just seeing the ocean would be relaxing!
(Somewhere along the beautiful California coast.)

 I could be watching how calm and big the ocean is.

 I could be watching the waves roll in. 

The ocean has such a calming effect - even just seeing it makes me relax.

But, I am at work as probably most of you are!  Where would you rather be today?


LindaG said...

Beautiful photos!

I'd rather be on a farm. ;o)

Michelle said...

Today was our first day back after break, with the students! Wasn't too bad, but I do love being at the beach!

Jensamom23 said...

All three kids go back to school today...I think home with the peace and quiet will be nice today. Do you get to Pismo often?

Viktoria said...

oh, the beach would be nice! I'd love to sprawled out on a bed in a fancy schmancy hotel with a glass of wine watching TV! Ahhh the thought of doing nothing... Hopefully soon!!

Kim Ricketts said...

The beach is so relaxing!! I love watching the waves! Currently I am at home and love it! ;)


The Coolidges said...

Great pics!! We were just at the coast on Saturday. Wish we could have stayed longer!