Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick and Inexpensive Housewarming Gift

 My sister moved into a new house and this is what I brought for a quick and inexpensive housewarming gift.  She loved it too (or she faked it really well).

 I love baskets and they make a really nice presentation for a gift.  
And they can be used by the receiver all over the house!
I found this basket for $3 - if I would have thought ahead more I would have bought baskets at The 'Will on a sale day to make the basket even less expensive. 

 I found the kitchen towels for $3.99 and $2.99 - $7 total. 

 Simply arrange them in the basket and you have a gift for less than $10. 

I thought they looked a little plain so I took one towel and used my sewing machine to sew their last initial.  Now, it looks complete!  You could also sew a brand (which is what my original plan was but I figured the brand would be off since I would have to freehand it). 

I would love to hear your simple and inexpensive ideas for housewarming gifts!  
Please share in the comments below.


heidi said...

i really love this idea, the presentation is perfect and it looks so thoughtful! and who does like having a really nice set of matching towels (i sure would!).

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That is Great!

Viktoria said...

What a cute idea!

I also have a post idea for you... Now that it's spring (for most of us), how about a post about planting a garden? I'm thinking about making balcony garden and I'd love tips on easy-to-grow veggies. :)

housewarming gift ideas said...

We have bought a wooden plaque with the picture of a snail to denote moving into the new house and engraved with the new home owners name below. They are delighted to receive this.

unique gift ideas said...

Interesting and important information. It is really beneficial for us. Thanks

Unknown said...

Oh this is nice!! I like the basket and the personalization.. and its thoughtful without having to spend a lot! I usually buy a lot of my housewarming gifts online at They have some really cute magazine coasters and pearl frames that I'd love for my self!! But next time I want to spend a bit more time and really make it a personal gift, I'm so going to do this!