Monday, April 25, 2011

Pigs in the Classroom

The Friday before Spring Break we had three very special visitors:

Two piglets from a local farm (and their owner of course)!

The kids even got to pet them!

The students had many many questions about pigs for the farmer, including what they eat.  Not only did they get to hear what pigs eat but they got to see it too.

My favorite picture from the visit. 
I teach in an area where most of my students have never seen a farm animal.  It is not an urban area but it is not a rural area either.  Kindergarten just finished their unit on farms so this visit could not have come at a better time - 1st grade just got to join in on the fun!

This local farmer was kind enough to bring two piglets to our school AND he also sat around for a while while he was bombarded with questions.  Farmers are amazing!!

How would you like to see ag in your local classroom?  I am always looking for suggestions and I would love your input!


Sarah said...

How cool is that. I can tell that that farmer is a kind man just by the pictures. Thanks for visiting This Farm Family's Life.

Sarah said...

He was a very kind man! So patient with all of the questions too!

Keri said...

When I used to work with kids, I too brought animals into the classroom. It's a great hands on learning tool and experience.