Monday, June 2, 2014

A New Normal …

Life changes all the time and sometimes it takes a little while to get used to the new normal.  It seems like this is my new normal:


Can you believe that little baby made that mountain of laundry?

At least she’s happy!  It might be a better reflection of my new normal if she were covered in spit up and/or crying.  And it may or may not include me covered in her spit up and crying – lol!


She’s actually a pretty good baby – especially when she’s sleeping!

In all seriousness – I think we lucked out in the baby department!  She is a good little girl!  Of course she has her bad days and is by no means a perfectly behaved baby, but she is still cute when she cries! 

What is your normal looking like these days?


Leslie Johnson said...
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Leslie said...

The normal at my house is chaos. I'm chasing after the boys' activities. This week is bible school. Next week is swimming lessons. All the while, we're putting an addition on the house to give the boys a bigger bedroom. Right now, the three of them are in a 10'x6' space which is to say the least crowded. We though it was crowded with 2 of them, but then the 3rd moved in and they're "squished". They're looking forward to having a little bit of space between them!