Wednesday, March 19, 2014

36 Weeks

Time flies so fast!  I’m 36 weeks right now which means baby will be coming in about 4 weeks – or whenever he or she feels like arriving really.

Just because I like to keep it real, here are some pictures my hubby took this weekend.  No makeup and didn’t shower – I’m practicing for when the baby gets here! 


I had every intention of taking weekly pictures with a chalkboard or sign.  But, that didn’t happen – I’m not one of those cutesy bloggers … sorry!

Since almost everyone asks me how I am feeling – I’ll tell you before you have to ask.  I’m feeling great – at least as great as someone who is getting beaten from the inside almost all day long can feel!  No complications as of right now and I’ve be very lucky to have a healthy pregnancy.  I do feel like an umpa lumpa or a beached whale when I try to pick something up off the ground or get out of bed but I think that’s pretty normal.  I try not to sit on the floor with my students anymore and when I forget to grab a chair I regret it because it takes a little longer to get up. 


Since I’m so nosy – if you’ve had a baby were you early, late, or right on time?

Yeah, yeah – I know a “due date” is just a guess and you really go into labor when baby is ready – but, I’m still curious! 


UNLamm said...
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UNLamm said...
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Leslie said...

Both of my boys were almost exactly 1 week early. My sister in law though, carried her daughter an extra week.

Sarah Schwall said...

Thanks Leslie - it's funny that both of your boys came early!