Saturday, February 15, 2014

Water Conservation #3 - indoor water fixtures

This is my third installment in the series on saving water. Here we focus on a quick and pretty painless conversion from traditional shower heads and faucets to a water saving package that I picked up at the box home improvement store.
While searching for individual water saving items - which was actually difficult since there are tons to choose from and I had a toddler with me - I managed to find this wonderful package of items. It was about $12 with tax for the whole package. I saw it, grabbed it and headed for the checkout. The package included a shower head, kitchen faucet aerator and two bathroom faucet aerators.
My wonderful husband installed them. The shower was easy, the kitchen sink was easy, but the bathrooms were for a different thread. I haven't made it to the hardware store to get the correct thread, so those haven't been used yet. But literally the other items just screwed right on. I don't even think we needed tools.
According to the back of the package, we should be looking at some pretty good power savings. But we are just looking at and measuring the water savings. 
So far, no complaints about the change. We won't track the power savings, but hopefully that is a bonus on top of the water savings. With a whopping $12 invested, we don't need much savings to pay for it.

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