Monday, December 2, 2013

My 10 Fall Essentials

I LOVE Fall!  The crisp air, the colorful leaves, and the warm delicious food.  Of course there are a few things that I don’t like.  The dry flaky skin and the daylight only long enough for me to go to work and come home. But, let’s make this a positive post. 

There are products that I can’t live without during the fall and here are my top 10:


1. Carmex – Everyone has their lip product of choice and mine in Carmex.  I love it year round, but my lips seems to get chapped more often during the Fall and Winter, so I especially love it now.  I keep about 5 in my makeup drawer, 1 at school, and 1 in my purse that way I have them where ever I am!


2. Omega Guard – This is my first Fall with this amazing pill and my skin is so much better than it has even been.  I wasn’t positive this was helping … until I ran out.  My skin got drier and flaky.  But, within days of starting back up, my skin was much better.  I will never be without this again.  No fish burps from this either! 


3. Eucerin – A dermatologist recommended this lotion years ago.  I have eczema and this in the only lotion I’ve tried that will not make my hands breakout.  It’s a little greasy when you put it on but it dries in about 20 minutes and I love it!


4. Scarves – My favorite accessory!  I have a ton of scarves but I am always looking for another.  They are like shoes, you can never have too many.  Add a colorful scarf to a plain outfit and you’ve added warmth and style. 


5. Enfuselle Skin Line – I’ve always had problematic skin, but I can now say this skin care line has changed that for me.  I am actually happy with my skin.  I have very few breakouts, my skin is soft (even now when it is usually super dry), and the red spots on my face are gone.  I am very happy with these products!  I use …. the Hydrating Cleansing Lotion to wash my face daily (I use wipes at night because I am lazy), Refining Polisher once a week (this stuff is amazing and makes my skin feel like butter), Purifying Toner after I wash twice a day, Time Repair AM in the morning, Acne Clarifying Complex as a spot treatment or during stressful times when I am more prone to breakouts (back to school, grading, etc.), and Hydrating Moisturizer nightly.  I also use C+E Repair PM around my eyes when I remember – I have a good routine with everything else, but am slacking with this. 

6. Tights – The perfect item to transition your summer dresses into fall.  I have many pairs, but my favorite are Spanx.  Yeah, the shapewear company also makes tights.  They stay put all day!  I can’t stand when tights roll down and you are constantly having to pull them up.  Some brands tend to squish all your fat up so you have a tights muffin top – not with Spanx! 


7. Soup (and really any hot Fallish food) – I LOVE soup.  I could eat it every crisp or cold day.  My favorite is a modified version of this – so yummy!! 

8. Boots –  I don’t have enough boots!  I could wear them every day of Fall and Winter and even into Spring.  I love how boots cover your feet AND keep your calf warm!  Dress them up with tights and a dress or throw on your trusty old boots to muck around in – boots are so versatile!  I just ordered the Baking Sota boots from Aerosoles – I’ve been drooling over them for a while now and they were such a great price I couldn’t pass them up! 



9. Vitamins – and Chewable Vitamin C for Michael to boost his immune system a bit.  I have been taking Shaklee’s vitamins since February and I have yet to be sick!  I take this multivitamin and this daily.  I also take a B-Complex and/or a Chewable Vita-C when my kiddos start acting sick (or sneeze on me).  I am a teacher, so I am surrounded by well meaning germy little ones with poor hygiene skills daily (not that there is anything wrong with my kids, but it takes time to learn to not sneeze into your hand then touch someone).  I expect to get sick.  It is amazing what a few good quality vitamins can do for your health!  

10. Cuddling – This list is in no particular order, but cuddling in my favorite.  I am a cuddler – I cuddle in my sleep, I cuddle during movies, and on the couch at night.  Fall is perfect for cuddling! 

There are my Fall essentials – I know Fall is almost over, but what are YOUR Fall essentials?

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