Friday, October 25, 2013

Camo Initial

Last weekend was the opening of Duck season.  Ironically, my duck hunter hubby was bear hunting.  The weather around here hasn’t been ideal for duck hunting, but it will get there soon enough. 

This summer, I decided to make an initial with the intention of hanging it on a wreath on our door during duck season.  I don’t have the wreath I pictured, but it is still awesome sitting on a shelf in our living room. 

Here is how I made it:


The only supplies needed are a wooden initial (I got an S for Schwall), some fabric (I used an old dog bed in Michael’s camo of choice – Advantage Wetlands Max 4), some adhesive (I didn’t end up using the gorilla glue only the spray adhesive), and a hot glue gun.


Put the initial on some newspaper in a well ventilated area.  Underneath the initial put some square thumb tacks or chunks of cardboard so it doesn’t stick.  


Follow the directions on the spray adhesive bottle.  My bottle said to spray it on then let it dry for 10 minutes. 


Position your fabric and press firmly. 


Let dry then cut out the general shape.

I let mine sit a week or three while I figured out how to finish it. 


Hot glue the edges and onto the back – you will need to do a small section at a time.  Depending on your initial, you will need to do some cutting to have a smooth edge.  Keep your scissors handy. 

I didn’t take pictures, but I also painted the back brown – it makes it look more finished but nobody is going to look at the back, so that is optional. 


The finished S!


I just realized the S is upside down in these pictures (notice the tulles are growing down) but it still looks amazing! 

Very simple and I can now make an initial with anything I want on it for only a couple of dollars!

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Great job ! What a good idea for the hunter in the family.

Leslie said...

Hey Sarah;

I read this a while ago and didn't take time to comment then. I've really fallen on commenting. I just don't take time. Anyway, I thought I'd drop you a note and have you check out my new post over at my blog. I think you'd really like it.

Great idea on the camo letter. I really like it and might use it as inspiration for something around our house. I like the camo, but it doesn't really fit our decor (as if there's a real pattern in our house). I think other patterns would work too!