Monday, March 11, 2013

Flat Aggie Goes to the Farm Machinery Show

Wow! Today was great! I was able to attend the 48th Annual National Farm Machinery Show which consists of 1.2 million square feet of indoor exhibit space containing more than 850 agricultural displays. There were all kinds of farming equipment, tools and even clothes! Every brand of tractor was there and I even got to eat a pulled pork sandwich at the Pork Producers’ food booth. It was delicious!

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has a Farm Safety Program that teaches everyone how to be safe when operating farm equipment. I was able to check out the new PTO Safety exhibit up close (but not too close!). A PTO (Power Take Off) is designed to take power from an engine and transfer that power to run another machine. In the display, the PTO connects the farm tractor to a bush hog, or large mower that is attached to the back. The PTO gives the bush hog the power to do its job. Accidents can happen when the PTO is left uncovered and people step over it. Their clothing can get caught and hurt them really badly. Dale Dobson travels the state teaching communities about Farm Safety.

While I was there, I also got to check out some cool machinery myself! Here I am inside a large combine (Can you see me in the cab?). I was able to get inside and see what it is like to drive one of these! If you would like to learn more about Farm Safety be sure to check out the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’swebsite!


Ralph Johnson said...

That's right safety must come first for these farm equipment tools and machines if not properly used are dangerous. A program that must be taught to farmers and non-farmers.

Madhavi said...

Impressed with the post about the farm equipment tools

ted armstrong said...

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