Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Necklace Display

 This is probably the easiest and cheapest DIY project that I have ever done! AND it looks great to boot!

Our new house has lots of wall space in the bathroom but not a ton of storage. The last few years I have developed a small collection of inexpensive necklaces and was needing a place to store them. I figured a good way to do so would be to create a board to hang on the wall that would also display the necklaces to help decorate the wall a bit. My grandmother had cork boards for her necklaces growing up which gave me this idea.

Cork board - I was pleased to find these framed bulletin board style cork board squares at Wally World. Less than $5 each.
Fabric - Black in this case and a bit velvety from the clearance section. Also from Wally for $2 total.
Decorative pins - I think these were upholstery pins also from Wally for $2.
Staple Gun
 Simply cut the fabric to be a bit larger than the cork board you want to cover. Enough room to wrap it around the edges of the cork like a canvas.

Wrap the fabric as tight as possible and staple gun it in place to the back side of the cork frame. Do one side at a time and be careful to keep the fabric tight. I folded the corners before stapling them to make them smooth.

Adding the upholstery pins was the final step. I added them along the top of course.Pick ones sturdy enough to hold up your necklaces.

The final product is a great looking fabric board for hanging your necklaces. I have a couple of these now and am so happy with how they turned out. Necklaces are easy to see and stored in a way that is organized and decorative!

Customize yours with a fabric that suits your rooms and add as many as you need! These would be a great compliment to Sarah's DIY earring holder.

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