Flat Aggie Overview

The story of Flat Aggie 

Last year, I read this post from Janice and fell in LOVE with her idea!!  So, like a good teacher I stole her idea and tweaked it a little to work for me!  Thanks Janice - YOU ROCK!!

Our first grade class read a chapter book, I read it to them over 5 days, called Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  In the story there is a boy named Stanley who gets flattened by a bulletin board.  He gets to do cool things like go under doors and be a kite and he even gets to catch some robbers who are trying to steal the most expensive painting in the world.  In the end his brother pumps him up and he is no longer flat. 

My plan was to make a class Flat Stanley and send him out to visit farms and ranches so my kids could learn more about agriculture.  I have never done a Flat Stanley project so was all new to me!  We named him Flat Aggie since he loves agriculture and is going to go to farms and ranches and report back to us on what he has learned.   I laminated him, put him in an envelope and he set out on his journey. 

Back at school we have a U.S. map posted to track his journey across our country.  I will print a picture and caption from each adventure and put it on the map to show his journey.  Here on the blog, each adventure will be shown as a blog post and back in the classroom, we will summarize each adventure and put them in our classroom library to reread all year long. 

We will do this for the rest of the year, so stay tuned to see where he ends up!