Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trunk Club Review

It is no secret that I'm a big fan of all things home delivery. If I can try new clothes on without leaving the house, I'm in. I make very few clothing purchases in store these days and why would I do anything but mail order when it keeps getting easier!

I have recently discovered Trunk Club which is a fantastic option now owned by Nordstrom's. They originally started as a clothing company for men but expanded to ladies and then sold. So everything you get from them is also at Nordstrom's. I pretty much never shop at Nordstrom's because 1 - there isn't one for 100 miles and 2 - I think the layout is really confusing. But I am a lover of Nordstrom Rack.

The way this service works is you complete a profile online (similar to the competitors). But it gets very different from there. A person then calls you. Yes, a real human. And she (or maybe he but mine was named Catherine) ask you about what you do and what you typically wear. She even had be go into my closet to talk about what brands I like and the sizing I wear in those brands. We talked for half an hour! In fact I actually gave my credit card info on the phone - it wasn't requested online.

*Note that there is no styling fee and no shipping fee. There is no obligation to buy. But you will want to.

Then she emailed me a link to their app. You will want the app because it makes the feedback and return shipping incredibly easy.

Within a day she had compiled my virtual trunk. I could then go in and see the items and let her know if I wanted anything left out. I decided to trust her judgement and just try everything. The trunk arrived a few days later. When it arrives you have 10 days to decide and ship back what you don't want. 10 days made it so I need not worry about me traveling or hurrying to the post office. I also found myself trying things on more than once.

So... what was in my trunk!

In total they sent me 18 items in one big box. Some tops, dresses, bottoms and two pairs of shoes.

Here are a few that I remembered to get photos of:

This is the dress I kept which perfectly matched my request for a simple jersey dress that I could wear all summer long. I love that it is a tiny bit longer in the back since it will be worn out and about with. 5 year old all summer long. 

This outfit really tempted me. I love the way the shoes look, but they aren't super practical for me and weren't all that comfortable. The dress was the most expensive item in my trunk - $150. But I really love that jean jacket. It turns out my old jean jacket looks pretty darn similar so after much debate, I shipped it back. 

I'm not sure these items were meant to go together (my fault not Catherine's). These linen pants grew on my and were an almost keep. They were very comfy and I actually liked the elastic ankles. But I couldn't kick the thought that there was some frump to them. The black top is a great staple item and was only $28 but I have three in my closet already. And the cardigan thing was really cool but it is already too warm in CA for transition items. 

This is the greatest maxi dress I have ever tried on. You can't see the shoulders well but the grecian style was awesome. And the most amazing thing was a built in slip (sorta thing) that ended mid thigh. Made the shape for my lower half way smoother. It did touch the ground so I'm seeing about getting a petite. $78 for this one.

This is the list of all items and their original price. I appreciated that the prices changed in the app to reflect sales. One item was 60% off by the time it arrived.

When it came time for returns I was really impressed. The box is easily repacked and they include a shipping label and tape. Seriously there were two pre-cut strips of heavy duty tape. Then I noted that in the app and the app gave me several options for home pickup. I'm leaving it on my porch Monday morning. I got this confirmation email back:

I am so impressed with this service! Things fit well and the stylist really listened to my requests. I requested too many items that I already have, so I need to work with her on that in the future.

I've included a link for you to try it that gives me credit if you use it. It doesn't have a coupon code since they don't seem to offer any sign up incentives. Just great clothes!

Let me know what you think and if you have tried it!

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