Friday, April 15, 2016

ThredUp Review with coupon link

After some good success on the first round using the ThredUp service, I decided to load up another bag to sell.

As a bit of review, ThredUp is an online consignment show where you can buy and sell gently used clothing. I think of it as an upscale online thrift store without the hassle of sorting through a real thrift store. The inventory changes daily which is a pro and a con, in my opinion.

This time in my sale bag I included a few more items and several items that still had tags. The bag was 10 lbs this time! All things that I hadn't ever worn or hadn't worn in a long time. I've been getting more aggressive in clearing out my closet and this has been a big help!

This round I got $18.78 for 8 items. Not enough to go on a shopping spree but better than nothing and for very little effort on my part.

I didn't track what I sent very closely this time but ThredUp gave me these stats on how my bag compared to their average.

I'm very happy with my experience. It is so easy to send a postage paid bag to them and see what happens. The donate any items that they don't buy to charity which helps you feel good about the whole process. My only complaint is that it takes almost 3 weeks for them to sort and value your bag. But considering the items were probably just collecting dust in your closet, not too bad.

I still do donate to my local charity thrift store, but I have shifted what I donate. Name brand items are more likely to go to ThredUp that the local shop.

I've got affiliate links included. It gets you $10 off your purchase and give me $10 off my next. Enjoy!

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