Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gwynnie Bee - with coupon link for free month!

It has been almost a year that I have been a Gwynnie Bee subscriber! I did not expect to keep it this long, but it is so handy that I can't seem to part with it.

This is my current "rack" of clothing items that I'm requesting to rent.

If you have seen me at any sort of a business function in the last year, you have seen my Gwynnie Bee attire. I especially love it for travel because I ship the clothes back to Gwynnie Bee from the hotel. So I have more space in my suitcase.

Things I love about Gwynnie Bee:
1. New stuff all the time. Every white delivery box is something new that I haven't worn before.
2. The items are almost always high quality and frankly more expensive than what I wear on my own.
3. No laundry. Maybe the best part really. You don't launder the clothing when you send it back. Just wear it and return it. Yay!
4. Pushes my style limits. If I could, I would wear a black dress every day. I'm wearing one as a type this. This service pushes me to try clothes that I would not normally.
5. I ALWAYS get compliments on my Gwynnie Bee dresses. Seriously. If someone likes what I'm wearing, it came from Gwynnie Bee.

Right now they are offering a great referral option to try them out! You get a month free with my link. This is how I got hooked. I got to try it free for a month and have kept it ever since.

How to get started

A few things to know:
1. You can purchase the things you love. I have only purchased 1 item so far. It is a super cute dress and was discounted to like $13. They send coupons randomly to get you to keep the items you have rented. I finally bit.
2. The longer you rent the better the deals. After 6 months or so they started giving me loyalty bonuses of extra items. This makes the subscription go even further.
3. This is for sizes 10 and up. Someone should probably invent this for 10 and under but until then us curvy gals can enjoy it!

You can also get more info from my previous blog post here:

Follow the link here - - or by clicking the photos.

So try it out and tell me what you think! Have any cool services like this that I need to try out?

This post contains referral links. When you get a free month for following my link, I get a bonus. I figure that since we both win, you don't mind.

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Darrell L. Aquino said...

I have make the subscription for Gwynnie Bee Coupon but i still not received any coupon code or exlusive code. Only received deal or promotional offer. Did I need to subscription again with an other account.