Monday, June 16, 2014

June Stitch Fix!

I am officially signed up for every other month 'fixes' to keep my wardrobe perked up! My latest arrived today.

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet here is the deal - it is a mail order clothing/stylist program. And, it is pretty much amazing for anyone who is a) busy or b) not a fan of shopping. Pretty much for someone like me, it rocks.

Stitch Fix

1. You go online and set up a style profile. This is pretty fun to do helps the stylists get an idea about things you like, the clothing you need for work and your sizing. They don't charge to set up the profile.
2. As often as you request (or you can set it up monthly or every other month) you request a "fix" or clothing shipment.
3. They send you five items that the stylist thinks you will like with styling suggestions. These are not Box Store clothes, these are boutique quality items. And they give you great suggestions on how to wear them.
4. Your clothes arrive at your door step beautifully packaged and ready to try on in your home.
5. You get 3 days to decide what you want to keep and send the other items back in the postage paid bag.
6. Tell them what you liked and didn't and why and your future fixes will get even better. You also get a 25% discount if you keep all 5 items.
You pay for what you keep and only a $20 styling fee if you don't keep anything. Shipping is included in that fee.

Check it out at
Note: I'm not paid by Stitch Fix (I wish) for this post but I do get referral benefits if you decide to check it out and use my link. So check it out!

This time I told my stylist that I was interested in a blazer and jeans. I keep hearing great things about their jeans and was really liking the jersey type blazers I saw in their blog. I was happy that they listened and delivered this:

Chevron Cross Front Top - $48
I LOVE this shirt. I love the color, fabric and print. It is my favorite item in the fix and a clear KEEP. This color looked great on me - sorry the pic stinks - and it made me want to get online and order other tops in this same color.
Striped Side Gathered Short Sleeved Shirt - $54
This looks black and white but is actually navy which looks nice with the pink. I really like the fit, but the pattern started to bother me. The whole print looks a bit "off kilter" which I think was the goal. But it really started to bother me how they moved not quite level across my boobs. Status: unsure.
French Terry Blazer - $78
So this is one of the things I requested. My stylist made sure to get me a big enough size for the chest, but that made it super long in the arms. It also ends up hitting me funny in the waist and kinda long in the hips. Plus this color isn't my favorite. I'm going to request another blazer, but a neutral one. Grey or brown would be perfect. Something neutral that would work with more outfits would be worth the price. The fabric was wonderfully soft. Status - returned.
Super long blazer sleeves. They did look good rolled, but I'd like something to wear both ways.

Chevron Striped Henley Tank - $44
I really liked this top in the box, but sadly it was WAY too small in the bust. This was the deal breaker item for this fix. If this had fit, I would have kept the whole box. The maybe items would have been keepers and made it work the discount to keep them all. I'm not sure why they didn't realize this fit issue since they were so good about noting it on the blazer.Status : returned.
If the first photo wasn't clear on the level of smallness, here is another pic. I suppose it would be a great minimizer shirt. :/ So if you want to squish your chests down, here is the shirt to do it. It fit otherwise.
Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans - $78
First, these are the most comfortable pants like, ever. And they really fit great. I was really impressed. I'm wearing these in each of the photos. But... I hate the color and zipper. Again if the darn tank had fit I would have kept them. But the black and the zipper felt really retro - not in a good way. I haven't owned black jeans since FFA and really don't like the zipper embellishment. I'm going to ask her to send me a pair in my next fix with no zipper and in jean color. Status - returned.

Overall I'm still very happy with the service and experience. We even got my mom hooked on it. She hates shopping more than anyone I have ever met, so this is great for her. Her fix should arrive tomorrow and I'm looking forward to checking hers out.

What do you think? What would you have kept?

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