Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm on the stitch fix wagon...

After lurking on their website for a few weeks, setting up a style profile and lurking some more, I finally scheduled a Stitch Fix and it arrived this week!!

I finally broke down because not only did I want to check it out, but I finally decided that it would be worth the $20 investment to have a stylist find some options that I probably would not pick for myself. I've realized recently that my time is more valuable that it used to be and I'm not skilled at shopping and fashion. I'm also finally deciding that I would prefer to have high quality items that may cost more initially, but will last longer. I just don't want to, or have the time to, replace things so often. So I considered this a $20 experiment.

I was very concerned about the cost of the items because I tend to be a Target shopper, not so much a Nordstrom's shopper. So I did a little research and found that while the average item is $65 or so, you can request to be on the low side of that. I emphasized that in my order.

I also was worried they would send me crazy stuff that just didn't fit my normal style. I wouldn't mind trying a trend, but I don't want expensive things that would be glaringly out of style in a few weeks. So based on other Stich Fix reviews, I added lots of detail to my profile and also pointed them to my style board on Pinterest (which I loaded up with outfits I like).

The wait time to get the fix was longer than I would have liked. I scheduled in mid January and took delivery late February. Perhaps it was the holiday rush or something, but I was pretty bummed there was a delay.

When it arrived I was so excited! The box is even cute and it is packaged so carefully. It really felt like a gift arriving, not anything like a typical department store order. It even included a personalized note from the stylist that showed she had indeed read the notes on my style profile. This was not at all a random shipment, these were truly picked out for me.

These were the five items I was sent:

This drape front cardigan was $58. I've never spent that much on a cardigan but I love it! I looks very cute and can be worn with a ton of items. It will also help me make great use of my summer clothes as we transition to warmer weather. This was my keeper.

This top was $54. It looked good on me but not great. I decided that if I'm going to pay full price for items, I want to love them when I put them on. So this one went back.

This adorable dress was $68. I really like the style of it and love the skirt but the top was pretty much transparent and that doesn't work for me. I would have definitely kept it otherwise.

I really liked this purple dress which was $78. It looked good on me and I liked the cut but the sleeves and color and not a logical choice for the coming heat. I couldn't justify the cost on a winter item heading into spring. I tried it on twice to be sure - I really liked it.

I really loved these pink pants for $88. But I had just gotten a nearly identical and non returnable pair from clearance at J.Crew. Seriously the day before. I really don't need two pair of pink pants. So back they went.

Each item had a style card with it to give me ideas about how to wear it and what to wear it with. I found these to be very helpful and give me some creative ideas.

I was very pleased with the simplicity of the return shipping. The bag was enclosed and addressed and all I did was fold the clothes back up and stick them in. It gets dropped off at the post office tomorrow but I think you can also just stick it in your mailbox.

I only kept one item from this fix, but I was very pleased overall. I went online and provided feedback about the items which should help improve my order next time. I already went ahead and scheduled one for late next month. And I'm already getting excited about it!

Want to try it out? I get an a referral credit if you try it out so don't be shy. http://stitchfix.com/sign_up?referrer_id=3314914
I have a feeling you will like it as much as I did! 


Sara LOL said...

UHHHH, I have been debating this for so long, I've only heard great things and with limited shopping in Montana I think I will have to try it out!

Thanks for the detailed post, I like to see how other peoples experiences are!

Unknown said...

I'm afraid this type of service would be very dangerous with me:) Sounds wonderful!

Shannon said...

I think the saving grace for me may be that the wait time means I can only get one a month. Otherwise I can see getting super hooked!

Pat said...

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Pat B

Sarah Schwall said...

Hi Pat!

I don't see an e-mail address on your profile - you can e-mail me at houseagbuilt@gmail.com