Friday, September 21, 2012

Comfortable Shoes

I love shoes - LOVE them!  But, finding comfortable shoe ... really comfortable shoes that I can teach in all day and not have my feet aching all evening ... is hard.  
I have found a few brands that haven't let me down yet.  I haven't tried any of these style yet, but all three brands provide all day comfort.  

Sofft Boots - would be perfect over leggings with a dress or over skinny jeans

Aerosoles - usually the brand can be hit or miss for me and this pair of boots is a major hit!  LOVE them - simple yet stylish and would be very versatile.  They come in both black and brown. 

 Wedges have never been my favorite but I am really loving wedges right now.  These Aerosole wedges in yellow would be perfect for spirit days!

Sofft Flats with a houndstooth pattern - perfect!

I have a pair of Gentle Souls Heels and they feel like sneakers - they are amazing!!  The flats must  be amazing and the pattern is so fun!
   They also come in leopard - I need a replacement for this pair

 What are your most comfortable shoes?  I am always looking for suggestions ... 

All photos are property of their brands - I did not take them.  Please follow the link for more information.   


Aidan said...

Those wedges are simply amazing. They are something you should think of wearing all the time. I think wedges would be the perfect shoe to teach in daily.

Colleen Cecil said...

Wedge, wedge, wedge! Love them. Wear them all the time. I'm looking for a new pair of wedge boots right now. Thanks for sharing. Love those brown boots.

Need A Latte Mom said...

love the first ones, now to just bring myself to wear skinny jeans.

Kim Ricketts said...

wedges are so comfy!! I love those houndstooth flats! Super cute!

Kim :)

Viktoria said...

I absolutely LOVE Sofft shoes!!! I can wear their heels ALL day without feeling the pain!

Katie @Pinke Post said...

Okay...expensive but worth it and especially on sale are Paul Green shoes. They last for years. My black boots are 6-7 years old and the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. And classic. And short European styled heels. I never had paid for expensive shoes until I found Paul Greens.

Jan said...

Slightly off topic, OK, way off topic, but do you still send Flat Aggie on adventures? I just found your blog, and want to invite Aggie to visit our dairy farm in Minnesota. My family and I would love for her to visit. My daughter and I are both teachers, and I am a blogger. We LOVE your desire to teach about agriculture trough your blog and the classroom. Anxious to hear from you! @MyBarnyard View

David Brooks said...

I love wearing soft and comfortable shoes, these wedges are truly awesome.

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