Friday, July 6, 2012

Footwear Friday - Basic Boots

I have a little confession to make ... I love shoes.  LOVE them!  I have been on the hunt for a new pair of boots and I found a few from Boot Barn and Country Outfitter
This is not a sponsored post - just a way to drool over and get some thoughts on some great boots!
Justin Women's Punchy Western Boots
 Justin Women's Punchy Western Boots - $149.99 from Boot Barn
I saw these boots a while ago online and fell in love!  I waited until them came out and ordered them then wait anxiously for them to arrive.  I ripped open the box and sighed with disappointment.  I was so excited about them I failed to read the description - they have a square toe.  I am really picky and do not like square toes on any shoes - even boots.  I like pointed toe or an almond toe and sometimes even a round toe.  But, square toes are not for me.  I took them back to the store and began my search again ...  I still love these boots and maybe someday I will suck up the anti square toe thing and proudly wear these beauties on my feet, but until then, the quest continues.  

I haven't seen any of these boots in person, but they look great online:

Justin_L2684_15 Medium 
Justin Women's Vintage Western Boots - $244.99 from Boot Barn
I love the distressed look of these boots.I also like the detailing at the top.  They are basic boots that would go with anything plus I am sure they would be just as comfortable as my other Justin boots. 

Ariat_15725_15 Medium 
Ariat Women's Heritage Western Boots - $149.99 from Boot Barn    
Classic boots.  I don't own a pair of Ariats but I have heard that they are comfortable and durable.  

DoubleH_DH5159_15 Medium
 Double-H Women's Buckaroo 12" Western Boots - $199.99 from Boot Barn
This pair looks a little masculine but I still love them.  They are basic pair and would not be as dressy as other pairs, but when I tried them on in the store I was amazed at how comfortable they are. Michael has a pair of Double-H boots that he loves!

Justin Women's Bent Rail Western Boots
 Justin Women's Bent Rail Western Boots - $159.99 from Boot Barn
Not classic, but really fun boots.  They would be pretty versatile but wouldn't get as much wear as the classic styles.  Still would be fun to wear since they are so pretty!

I can't get the picture on this post, but the Justin Women's Testa Torino Boot is beautiful!  $153.95 from Country Outfitter
I love the detailing at the top.  The boot does have some color on it, which makes it less versatile for what I am looking for, but the colors seem to be pretty subdued.  I would love to see these boots in person!

Justin_L4934_15 Large
 Justin Women's Bay Apache Western Boots - $154.99 from Boot Barn
I like the classic look of this beautiful pair of boots. 

I would love to read your thoughts on these boots and your favorite place to order boots online.  Do you have Ariat or Double-H boots?  Are they comfortable?


Viktoria said...

Well, the only boots I own are snow boots from LL Bean, so I can't talk comfort and durability. However, I do like the way the Ariat Women's Heritage Western boots look. Nice and classic!

The Coolidges said...

Love all those boots. Only downfall, they are mostly Justins. ;)

I am an Ariat girl. Every. Single. Pair. No exceptions. I had one pairs of Justins and hated them, that was several years ago. Since then, I have only worn Ariats and I have absolutely no complaints. Always comfortable, and my size stayed tried and true to every style type they have.

You can't go wrong with the way any of those look tho. All super cute!

Texan said...

I am a pointy toe boot gal myself! So I totally understand not wanting square toe boots :O)

Steph said...

I have Ariat Heritage's with teal and pink threading. Love them. I also hate square toe shoes. I have one pair of knee high black dress boots that are square toe and I always feel weird when I wear them.