Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secret Santa Gift!

I had big plans for this post - BIG PLANS I tell you ... but, they didn't happen so you get this:

I participated in Viktoria's secret Santa gift exchange this year.  Viktoria and I go waaay back ... really we don't but I feel like we have known each other forever (even though we haven't met).  I even got to shop for her last year in another secret Santa exchange.  She is awesome and you should go check out her blog!

Anyway, I got this lovely package from Tara who blogs over at Laundry is Not a hobby:
With this lovely red statement necklace inside:

Thank you Tara!!


Viktoria with a K said...

Oh, Sarah, you are so sweet! Isn't it funny how we've never met but I feel like we know so much about each other?! :) I love the red necklace.

About the baggies... I'm sad that there is so much controversy around the plastic! I've seen some for sale on line, but I haven't bought any because I figured, well, I could make them! I will have to check into some of the vinyl fabric. I was thinking though... there is some plastic-y fabric sold at JoAnns for baby bibs. Could that be used? You can clean them and I assume they are safe if they are made for baby bibs because I can just see babies sticking them in their mouths, ya know? I'll have to do some research, too, and let you know what I find!

Tara said...

I really hope you like the necklace! I thought it would be a fun way to brighten up any outfit :)

The Durrer Family said...

I love it! A Charming Charlie's opened very near us a few months ago... I have to stay far, far away from there! ;) Too much fun stuff!

heidi said...

that is a gorgeous necklace, charming charlies is such a fun jewelry store!