Friday, December 16, 2011

Pintrest Christmas

It is a week before Christmas and I have not decorated a single thing ... I don't even have the stuff out yet.  Is that sad?  Yes?  I know!  We have a Christmas tree ... with nothing on it sitting in our bar area.  I am hosting a party tomorrow evening so I have to get the house semi decorated before then!

I am in LOVE with pintrest - it is like reading blogs with only pictures.  Amazing - and addictive!  Here is what my house would look like all decorated for Christmas if pintrest would just magically do all the things I pin (wouldn't that be awesome):

Love the silver and green!

I have been wanting to make burlap stockings for years - maybe this will finally be the year that I do! 

Burlap runner - LOVE

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Pretty table - with a decorated tree in the background. 

I LOVE initial wreaths - but since we are not married I don't know what I would put ... a question mark?  That would be funny!

A perfect wreath - that little frame inside is so stinking cute!!

So, there it is!  Nice - right?  Now, if only the pintrest faries could come decorate the house for me! 

Is your house decorated?

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Viktoria with a K said...

Oh my gosh, I love Pinterest. I can stay for hours.

Funny thing about inital wreaths. I made one for Christmas this year. The other night the pizza delivery guy asked me what the H stood for. He was older... in his 60s?... but I thought it was bizarre he wouldn't think it stood for a last name? He did say it was very pretty. :)